A box rolls in and explodes into the WGBH Kids logo. I wanted it to feel like the box was bursting with ideas, creativity, and content. Layering in WGBH's audio ident, originally composed in the 1970s, I was able to pull out a melody. It struggles to get out of the box, and once it does, it explodes into a rhythmic chorus of woodblocks, drum machines, and synthesizers.

This Ident plays at the end of WGBH's Kids programming: Arthur, Plum Landing, Pinkalicious, etc. 


Client: WGBH

Sound + Music: Ned Porter

Agency: WGBH Creative

Creative Direction: Elias Mallette, Piper Rankine

Video: Jak Ritger, Elias Mallette

Design: Anna Rose, Alison Kennedy