PRI’s The world

PRI’s The World gave me a simple prompt: make a theme song that reflects our present times. The show reports on not only the national but international challenges facing our world, and the theme needed to reflect that.

Above all, I focused on building a strong melody. After days of experimentation, I settled on a cello line that travels between major and minor, slinking between them before finally building to a dramatic crescendo. Once I had strong idea, I gave it a heavy beat and strong arrangement as support. Mixing synths, pianos, guitars, and cellos, I arranged the track to reflect the present but to also fit into the long line of timeless news music.

The World is available on apple podcasts or wherever you listen. The World also broadcasts on over 300 stations across the United States and Canada. Check your local NPR station to listen live every weekday.

Client: PRI’s The World

Music: Ned Porter

Executive Producer: Andrea Crossan

Cello: Clara Kennedy

Recording: Atomic Sound and Ned Porter

Engineering: Merle Chornuk

Mixing: Jack DeBoe

Mastering: Sarah Register